Project Description

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The vase Amytis was born in Verona: in the wonderful setting of Garda Lake we developed the idea of creating a made in Italy design object containing in a unique form its water and vegetation.

Every Amytis vase is unique because hand made, an object that puts together technology and craft tradition.

A product created in 2 years of planning and of studies to give birth to a pure and elegant form with a simple but durable functionality. A solid Italian product, made with infinite (non-perishable) materials: pottery and glass.

The first one tells the experience, tradition and history of Italian craft, produced with attention and expertise by potters from the city of Vicenza.

The name Amytis comes from our own intent: bringing green and beauty where there’s no plenty of it.

Nabuccodonosor II (634 – 562 a.C.), king of Babilonia, realized the suspended gardens for his wife, who was missing her homeland Persia. Babilonia suspended gardens were on terraces and, from time to time, were flooded by Eufrate river, to give it back water after a while. This mechanism is very close to the Amytis vase one, that creates harmony between aquatic flora and fauna, coexisting and maintaining themselves alive. The “king gift” brings in the houses a natural symbiosis and beauty, the wonderful union between flora and fauna in a domestic ambient.

The form is pure, simple. The circle, extruded to create a cylinder, inserts itself in every ambient with elegance, without being too aggressive, but maintaining its strong personality. The different colour shades make it perfect to every context. Colours, sober and elegant but also lively and determined coming from pop art, make it perfect to every ambient.

Photography: Marco Totè