Project Description

The customer idea was clear: a greenhouse with an innovative plantation system, delimiting energetic consumptions at minimum to permit its operation all year long.

From here the idea to insert in a wooden greenhouse an aquaponic plantation system.

This system allows a plantation density and velocity greater than the classic soil one. The advantage is also to avoid pesticides and fertilizers, permitting a plantation “beyond the bio” (where the usage of some chemical products is still allowed) and the upbringing of fresh fish (or, as in the specific case, of shrimps tanks).

The system is in a greenhouse. Its feature is the wooden planning: this allows to decrease winter dispersions and to create a higher isolation in the zone of tanks and plants growing spots. Good aeration avoids to have a wet wood in summer. The great amount of water inside it acts as a thermal volano between day and night, maintaining a mite temperature.

Photography: Antonio Vangelista