Project Description


Sometimes a building is so peculiar that you can recognise it by its shadow. This project proposes known buildings and reconstructs them through the only projection of its own shadow.

The architectural feature is exalted by the uniform background.

An ambitious project that aims to capture the spirit of a building through its shadow, who become a fundamental communicative and compositional element, giving a sense of lightness to the people looking at it.

How many times our gaze has been enchanted by the black shadow of a beam, an arch, or a hole, that bursts into a clear wall, making the ambient deeper, alive and full of energy.

The magic of shadows in architecture is that they change according to the hours of the day form defined contours to faded ones, making the ambient different in every moment, as if it would be scanned by an heartbeat, both temporal and meteorological.” cit.

Through the studying of shadows it’s possible to recognize the essential feature of architecture in studio.

Modifying the sun position or the building perspective allowed to vary the projection of shadows to find out the perfect silhouette of every construction.